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Language Experts has developed a special course on Chuchotage, now available to you to take advantage of in fulfilling the pending NAATI requirement. According to NAATI website information, "it is only practitioners who are transitioning from Professional Interpreter to Certified Interpreter that have to provide evidence of their skill in Chuchotage (whispered simulations interpreting)". 

Language Experts offers this specialized course via its Online Learning Programs (Webinars) as well as Onsite. This professional development training can be accessed now by visiting the booking page on this website or registering at

​​Are Chuchotage Skills required for certification of Interpreters?

As you may be aware, from 2018 the accreditation authority (NAATI) in Australia will require practitioners selecting to transition into a new (certification) policy, to provide evidence of completion of a professional development  training in Chuchotage skills. Contact Language Experts for further information or click on this
link to register for this course.


​​​What is Chuchotage?

Chuchotage is a term which refers to the use of simultaneous interpreting skills for a speaker and a small number of listeners by an interpreter who transfers the information

in a low voice. This is a specialized skills for which professional development training is required. 

Who is offering Chuchotage training?

Language Experts is delighted to inform you that as part of its ongoing commitment to training and professional development of interpreters and translators in Australia, it is the first training organization to introduce specialized training courses in Chuchotage - Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting, for Interpreters in Australia.Language Experts is also the first training organization to introduce and deliver courses on  Legal and Court Interpreter and Translator, Medical and Health Interpreter and Translator, Medical Terminology to name just a few. 

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