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​Language Experts trading as International Interpreting Agency is an Australian owned company. The company has almost 40 years of experience and knowledge in the interpreting and translation field and is recognised as the leader in the provision of language services in Australia and overseas.

The organisation is headed by Ms Silvana Pavlovska who brings together a strong and sound background in translation, interpreting, education and training, multilingual journalism and broadcasting, as well as a passion for providing excellence in service.

Silvana Pavlovska established International Interpreting Agency during the period of her university training in linguistics, translation and interpreting, at a time when the profession was still in its infancy stage in Australia. She realised her dream of establishing the service with the purpose of providing professional and quality translation and interpreting services in most languages and contexts. 

In 2007, Silvana Pavlovska was awarded a NAATI Award for her contribution to the interpreting and translation profession in Australia in her capacity as the Chair of the NAATI Regional Advisory Committee of Victoria (RAC) and Chair of the NAATI Examiner Panel. She has also served for many years as a National Treasurer of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators - AUSIT Inc. and has been a member of this organisation since its inception.

International Interpreting Agency plays an active role in the profession through its sponsorship of major interpreting and translation events in Australia, attendance and presentations at international conferences held overseas and Australia, the provision of practicum training for higher education students in Australia and publications of books for interpreters and translators.

Over the many decades, we have acquired considerable knowledge and experience and adapted to the changing needs of our clientele. In doing so we have gained a reputation which is unparalleled for providing effective and timely multicultural and multilingual communication and training solutions to our diverse clientele. The company and its staff take great pride in the quality of service they provide in meeting your needs and requirements.

Furthermore, in addition to providing language services, for more than two decades, the company has been at the forefront of establishing and providing quality professional development for interpreting and translation practitioners as well as users of these services.

Since 2007, professional development training services were extended to include specialist training.

For further information about our training services please refer to the page on Training Services of this website or visit www.interpreterrevalidationtraining.com 

In January 2016, the company independently published its second publication titled “A Training Handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Austrlalia" by M. Vasilakakos. Its first book titled" A Training Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia” by Mary Vasilakakos, was published in January 2015. Both books are catalogued with the National Library of Australia and available for purchase as hard copies and eBooks.

These Australian publications are part  of a series of training handbooks published by Language Experts. Both contain original material developed to provide the trainee interpreter/translator a quality professional development program which covers the fundamental and foundation professional principles, concepts, debates and issues current in the Australian interpreting and translation profession in general, and in interpreting and translation in legal and court settings as well as health and medical settings in particular.

These professional development training publications are designed to give trainees and solid understanding principle, concepts, debates and issues, so that they may confidently apply them to their professional day to day practice.

Both publications are available for purchase as paperbacks and eBooks from Language Experts directly via www.interpreterrevalidationtraining.com, Books and Resources page or our distributor CoInfo.