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The company provides training services appropriate for organisations or corporations who operate in a service delivery context. 

We have over 20 years experience in delivering training services to corporate and government clients on our specially designed courses titled  “Cross Cultural Communication"  and “How to Work with Qualified Interpreters”. 

We can provide these and other customised training services to your personnel to educate and equip them with the necessary

skills when working with clients of CALD communities as well as information and advice what constitutes best practice in the

provision of interpreting and translation services in Australia. The services are founded on experiential learning and group

participation plays a major part in the delivery. The training services are designed to be practical and take into account your relevant needs and objectives.   
Our course titled "How to Work with Qualified Interpreters" covers topics such as what  are the qualifications of an interpreter in Australia, what are the professional duties of a qualified interpreter, what are the ethical obligations as contained in the profession's Code of Ethics document, what are the expectations of the professional interpreters as well as the different modes

of interpreting used when performing those duties. Information is provided on how to organise and perform a successful

interpreted session for both on-site and telephone interpreting. Opportunities are provided for discussions related to individual interpreted interview experiences.

The course titled "Cross Cultural Communication" is a course for persons who deal with CALD clients. This specialist training is designed to assist your staff on how to work more effectively within a cross cultural communication setting. Relevant information

is provided including a number of communication strategies to use when dealing with members or clients from CALD communities. 

Topics included are some fundamental aspects of culture and how culture and perceptions may impact on the communication process, the likely barriers to effective cross cultural communication. Opportunities are provided for discussions related to the

basic principles to effective cross cultural communication.

We also provide a range of other training services which can be customised to address your requirements.  All our training is

delivered by practitioner educators and trainers, experts in the profession. 

Training programs can range from just two hours to a full day or can be delivered in segments to suit your training needs. 

For further information please write to us via the contact page or call (03) 9830 4188.

We look forward to assisting you with your training requirements!

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