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The on-site interpreting service is a face-to-face appointment, interview or hearing between you, our clients and our interpreter/s. Services are provided in most states in Australia and are subject to interpreter availability and our confirmation. 

Services are provided in legal, court and police settings, medical and health settings, business and corporate settings, as well as conferences. The company values the service it provides to its many and varied clientele such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), which is comprised of the Migration Review Division, the Social Security and Children's Services Division and the General Division around the country. Interpreting services are also provided to Australian companies, Legal Firms, Enforcement Agencies and so on.  

Clients may request to book a NAATI qualified and experienced Interpreter in any of the 250 languages provided. The company will endeavour to provide an interpreter as per your request. Organisations wishing to communicate with their Language Other than English (LOTE) speaking clients may request to book an on-site appointment in writing via email. The information required for a booking request is as follows:

1. Your name and contact details, including your email address 

2. The name of your organisation  

3. The language/s required

4.The date and time of the appointment

5. The duration of the appointment

6. The name of the LOTE speaker (your client)

7. Your reference or claim number and

8. The nature or the purpose of the appointment. 

If your request contains any special requirements such as gender or religious affiliations please advise us of these in advance.​The company does not guarantee that the interpreting services requested will be available.

You may book an interpreter well ahead of scheduled appointment or as soon as a booking is required. We accept requests for on-site interpreting services well in advance. As soon as an interpreter has been allocated as per your written booking request, we will notify you promptly and send you a Confirmation of booking document via e-mail.

The company, in our sole and absolute discretion, accept or reject any request/s for bookings from you for any reason (or no reason), including any errors in your booking. The company will assign assignments to our interpreters in accordance with our allocation policy. 

We endeavour to assist you in accommodating any changes to your requested booking as they arise. Please telephone or e-mail our office as soon as you become aware of the change to enable us to notify our interpreter in a timely manner.

In circumstance where a booked interpreter has not arrived for the booked appointment on time, please telephone our office immediately and we will contact our interpreter to ascertain the reason for the delay which will be then communicated to you.

On-site interpreter services are provided during business and after hours. Business hours commence at 08:30am and conclude at 05:30pm. 

We appreciate and welcome any feedback or comments you may have in relation to any aspect of our services. 

We look forward to attending to your onsite interpreter requests. 

Interpreter Bookings Team