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​​We provide translation services of any material (written or audio recorded) in more than 250 languages from English into the other language and from the other language into English on any subject matter. These can include personal documents such as Birth Certificates and other documents for visa, citizenship or any other purposes including documents from English into any other languages to be used overseas, educational documents for recognition of overseas qualifications, evidentiary material for court purposes, manuals, brochures and other publications, websites, video recordings, intercepts, contracts, marketing material, medical information, public health information, translation of literary works such as poetry, fiction and non-fiction, captions and so on.

In addition we specialise in providing transcription of audio and video files . 

All our translated materials are provided by NAATI certified translators who hold the necessary qualifications and expertise. In addition to the NAATI certified translations, we can also provide Translator’s Affidavits/Statements for court purposes as requested.

Please send us an e-mail and attach the document/s or audio file for a quote. We will acknowledge your request in writing and/or on the telephone and attend to your request promptly. Once we have perused the information and the purpose of the translation is ascertained, we will provide you with a written quotation and time frame in writing via email.

In some circumstances we may request further information or reference materials once we have your approval of our quotation.  Further information or reference materials will assist our translator in their preparation for the task at hand.


Translated documents for the purpose of visa applications, court and police, as well as documents to be used overseas are provided as certified translations. This means that the translator will provide a written certification which states their name and qualifications and that they have accurately translated the documents provided. The translator will date and sign the translated document/s and in some circumstances will apply their NAATI stamp or seal. Please note that not all translators are in possession of a translator's stamp and there is no law or regulation in Australia requiring translators to apply a NAATI stamp on the translated document/s. The translated documents are deemed to be legal documents when they are signed by the translator who is solely responsible for the accuracy and quality of their work. 

Police and law compliance agencies as well as courts may require a Translator's Statement. Clients who require this additional service will need to request the service in advance in writing.

The company will organise the drafting and execution of the documents as an additional service. The translated document/s as well as the Translator's Statement or Affidavit are deemed to be legal documents which can be used in court and any other purposes. 

For an enquiry or a translation quote please complete the contact page of this website. 

We look forward to assisting you with your translation and transcription requests.

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