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Recertification PD Points - Ethics and other courses for translators & interpreters, Silvana Pavlovska, 10 July 2020

Language Experts is announcing its regular Webinar Series Training Program to be delivered on each Saturday and other days during the working week for the remainder of 2020.

Language Experts in recognition of the current COVID 19 pendemic, is the first and only organisation to reach out to the Australian practitioners and offer courses and modules via Webinar and at heavily discounted prices.

Furthermore Language Experts developed three new courses titled Police Interpreter and Translator Course, Collocations and Articles - English Writing for Translators, Vocabulary Building and Punctuation - English Writing for Translators, as well as one new module i.e., the Video Conferencing Module.

Although interpreter and translator services are considered as essential services, many of the face to face interpreter assignments have been and still are converted to telephone or video conferencing services due to the pandemic restrictions around the country. This has necessitated specialist training in video conferencing and telephone interpreting. Language Experts is the first to provide training in these modes of interpreting.

Language Experts, a leading training organisation with a vested interest in the interpreting and Translation profession in Australia and internationally has been developing and delivering its own courses and modules to practitioners of interpreting and translation for almost two decades. The organisation also publishes books for the profession whose books are catalogued in the National Library in Canberra and all other Parliamentary Libraries in the country.

Language Experts delivers more than 20 courses and modules onsite as well as via Webinar. Language Experts was the first organisation to deliver online training via Webinar in Australia. The onsite courses are delivered in most capital cities in Australia.

Choose from an extensive menu of courses such as Ethics and Professionalism, Police Interpreter & Translator, Linguistics, Medical Terminology, Translation Techniques, English Writing for Translators on Collocations and Articles, Vocabulary Building and Punctuation and many others. Each course provides 20 pd recertification points. The individual modules provide 10 pd recertification points per modules. Select from Video Conferencing and Telephone Interpreting to Research Skills, Consecutive Interpreting, Chuchotage - Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting, Sight Translation and more. All the courses and modules are developed and delivered by Language Experts highly qualified practitioners and teachers/educators. Each course/module is scheduled regularly on specific days and times of the working week as well as Saturday till the end of 2020. To find out more about dates and times of particular courses and modules, please visit our websites. Join the many practitioners, members of our extended family of professionals, in a lifelong learning and sharing experience with Language Experts. This week we have a special offer and that is, if you register for two or more courses/modules in one transaction, you will receive complementary certificates of attendance. This is a saving on top of already reduced training fees. Register now by visiting www.interpreterrevalidationtraining.com or contact us via our social media platforms.

Language Experts look forward to assisting you with your recertification!