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​      ​International Interpreting Agency


We provide interpreting services to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), namely the Migration Review Division, the Social Security and Children's Services Division and the General Division. Interpreting and translating services are also provided to Australian companies, Legal Firms, Enforcement Agencies.  

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Our interpreters and translators are highly skilled and trained professionals covering in excess of 250 languages both Australia wide and internationally. They hold accreditation / recognition in their relevant language with highly developed linguistic and interpreting / translation skills as well as knowledge about culture and context.They attend regular professional development training and adhere to the national AUSIT Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct 2012 for interpreters and translators in Australia.

  • Legal and Court  
  • Medical and Health 
  • Business/Corporate  
  • Multilingual Typesetting 
  • Voice Over
  • Language Tuition
  • Consultancy
  • NAATI Certified translation       ​
  • Corporate Interpreting
  • Professional Development
  • Revalidation Training
    • Working with Interpreters


international Interpreting Agency Translation

Professionally accredited and certified translator 

services of any material (written or recorded) in any language and subject matter 

Regular, current and relevant Professional Development, Revalidation, Preparatory 

and Recognition training 

programs for new and practicing interpreters 

Regular, current and relevant Professional Development, 

Revalidation, Preparatory and Recognition training programs for new and practicing translators 

International Interpreting Agency in Melbourne VIC 3000 Call us for a personalised top quality service in translation, interpreting and training

interpreter certification. International Interpreting Agency translation. 

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