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Language Experts is recognised as the Leader in language communication provision. We specialise in providing effective and quality multicultural and multilingual communication solutions to our diverse clientele meeting your specific needs and requirements. For almost 40 years Language Experts has practiced what we preach and that is an unwavering commitment to high quality and reliable interpreting and translation services and a commitment to the development of the translation and interpreting profession in Australia and internationally.

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Our highly skilled and trained certified interpreters and translators provide multilingual services in over 250 languages and dialects including sign language to both the private and public sectors

in Australia and internationally. They all hold APPROPRIATE QUALIFICATIONS in the relevant language with highly developed linguistic and interpreting/translation skills as well as knowledge about culture and context. They attend regular PD training and adhere to the national Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Interpreters and Translators in Australia and our company requirements.


Professionally certified translators

services of any material (written or recorded) in any language and subject matter.

Regular, current and relevant PD for Recertification and Preparatory Training

Recognition training 

programs for aspiring and practicing interpreters. 

Regular, current and relevant Professional Development, 

Recertification, Preparatory and Recognition training programs for aspiring and practicing translators. 

Professional translation and interpreting services available in 250+ languages for on-site, video and telephone Interpreting services Australia wide.

Translator training

translation services

interpreter training

interpreting services