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New South Wales  & Queensland Report

Gary Logan 

Silvana Pavlovska

Sydney and Brisbane practitioners of interpreting and translation were able to benefit from our Medical Terminology Course recently.

This training program is of great benefit to interpreters and translators working in the Health and Medical Sector. In the Course interpreters and translators learn how to “dissect” medical vocabulary into its component parts and understand the Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes which constitute modern medical vocabulary.

Many interpreters are nervous about venturing into the medical world due to a lack of vocabulary or understanding of medical terminology but this course opens the door for them and provides pathways for further learning.

In addition to being a valuable tool to increase one’s knowledge and skills in the health and medical sector, the Course also provides participants with PD points towards recertification.

The participants at our recent Sydney and Brisbane presentations, all agreed that the course provided an enjoyable learning experience and would be of benefit to them in furthering their interpreting and translation career. ​​​



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