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Each week, Language Experts provides you with the latest training opportunities on offer as part of our commitment to guiding and supporting you in your professional development journey so that you may keep thriving and flourishing as interpreters and translators. 
Language Experts is recognised as the one and only trusted training provider in Australia, offering structured modules, courses and resources designed especially for our profession.  By attending our training programs, you will not only be able to claim pd points, but most importantly you will be able to learn and expand your knowledge and skill sets, and build valuable networks with your colleagues. 
As certified or accredited professional interpreters and translators, it is critical that you have a solid understanding of your obligations relating to your professional duties and responsibilities. 
Are you aware that the professional duties you undertake are governed by the national Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct? 
For those practitioners who are specialising or perhaps aspiring to work in the legal, court and law enforcement settings, are you familiar with the  JCCD National recommended standards for practitioners working in the courts and tribunals? 
Do you know what those standards are and do you practice them?
Did you know that it is not uncommon for parties in legal or police settings to allege that they have been disadvantaged because of a particular interpretation afforded in the police Record of Interview or at the hearing at court due to lexical choices or a particular conduct issue?
When such complainTs about the quality of interpreting are made, did you know that the interpreter may be subpoenaed by the court as an expert witness to appear in court so they can be asked to state under oath/affirmation that they interpreted accurately to the best of their skill and ability, or to give evidence about any linguistic or conduct issues raised. Did you know that the interpreter can also be cross examined?

We address and investigate these and many other questions as part of our Duties and Responsibilities of interpreters and translators working in legal settings Course delivered by Language Experts.

We invite you to participate and share your opinions and experiences at the next scheduled event on Saturday, 5 March 2022. Registrations can be made via our website. In addition to this, Language Experts is excited to offer you a comprehensive Calendar of unique and engaging training opportunities. 
As previously advised, we have extended our exclusive offer until the end of February. The offer relates to all of our webinar courses and modules, giving you savings of up to 50% off the retail price. You may register for any of our scheduled offerings delivered throughout the year to take advantage of this special offer if you register before the 28 of February. 

Why don’t you join our ever-growing universal family of lifelong learners by attending some of other most popular workshops and courses, such as:

The one and only Police Interpreter and Translator Course is scheduled on Saturday, 12 March. The Introduction to Health-Legal Interpreter and Translator Course is scheduled on Thursday, 17 March. The Ethics and Professionalism Course, an essential for all practitioners, will be delivered on Saturday, 19 March. The highly regarded Medical Terminology Course is scheduled on Thursday, 26 March. Specifically for our translators, we offer specialisation courses which include the English Collocations and Articles Course scheduled on Monday, 7 March and also on Monday, 21 March. The English Vocabulary Building and Punctuation Course is scheduled on Monday, the 28 February and also Monday, 28 March.
If you are recent graduates or if you hold NAATI recognition in any new or emerging languages, you will benefit from attaining the fundamental skills necessary for you to perform your professional duties. These fundamental skills are delivered in the form of modules usually scheduled during the working week and currently offered at reduced prices as well.
All Language Experts modules carry 10 pd points each, whereas the courses carry 20 pd points each for recertification purposes.

For a full catalogue of our courses and modules and to register, please visit www.interpreterrevalidationtraining.com
Language Experts continues to proudly set the interpreter and translator profession standards in Australia. This is achieved by providing you with targeted training opportunities in line with our unwavering commitment to you, the JCCD Recommended National Standards and the national Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.   



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