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Interpreting involves conveying oral or signed messages or statements from one language into another with accuracy and objectivity to enable communication between parties who use different languages. 

International Interpreting Agency provides quality professional and reliable on-site (face-to-face) and telephone interpreting services for appointments, interviews or hearings between clients and a qualified NAATI accredited or recognised interpreter. In addition, we also provide transcription of audio and video files for evidentiary purposes or any other purposes as well as conference interpreting. 

For lengthy or complex interviews, it is recommended to request the services of an on-site interpreter. 

Our highly qualified and experienced interpreters are experts in over 220 languages and dialects including sign language (AUSLAN) used in Australia.  Majority of our staff are trained and educated professionals who also hold accreditation and/or recognition from the National Authority for Accreditation of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in Australia and adhere to the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators AUSIT Code of Ethics 2012 edition.  

They also undergo regular professional development activities to keep up to date with their linguistic and interpreting techniques as well as ethics, culture, contextual knowledge and current affairs in line with revalidation requirements set by the accreditation body. 

Based on the professional role and ethics of interpreting in Australia, our interpreters are required to convey verbal communication between English and Language other than English (LOTE) speaking parties. Accordingly our interpreters are not permitted to conduct interviews, give advice or advocate on behalf of parties, nor complete any forms or provide their own views or opinions on any matter in the course of their interpreting duties.

The majority of our interpreters are university trained with highly developed skills and extensive experience which enable them to provide professional services. One such skill is the use of first person when interpreting for the recipients of the service. The use of the first person is a proven and successful practice which enables the interpreter to convey the information accurately and completely in a meaningful way while the parties can communicate with each other directly.

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